Casino Apps – The Ultimate Guide

casino apps guide

Did you know that you can start gambling wherever and whenever you want with mobile casino apps on your own mobile device. On both iOS and Android devices, you can get started playing games at online casinos with real money today.

But how do you find the best casino app on your mobile? What are the best casino apps now, and why would you choose to play with a real money casino app instead of mobile casinos in your browser?

Another question before you play casino is what kind of bonus can you expect (Free Spins, 10 cashback, welcome bonus, etc.). Read on for the answers to these questions about gambling apps, the difference between devices, mobile gaming and much more.

Latest casino Apps 2022

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  • Deposits with Zimpler & BankID
  • Instant Withdrawals
  • 2000+ slots!

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  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • 1500+ slots

How do you Select the Right Casino App?

Both Android and iOS offer an abundance of online casino apps. The main difference is that it is more complicated for Android users to find a real money casino app because the Google Play Store is not open to online casino apps where you can play with real money.

It is less complicated for Apple users, but if you want mobile gaming with higher amounts of money, the high-quality app store will not offer the best casino apps for your mobile devices.

That is why we want to give you advice in advance; you will probably not find the casino apps in the Google play store or App Store. You can easily download the mobile casino apps for Candian players. So even if it means a small detour, that should not spoil the fun!

What makes the right casino app for you is very personal, but several guidelines are the same for everyone who enjoys real money gambling and mobile casino games.

Things to consider before starting to play for real money are bonuses (such as money bonus, cashback bonus, bonus wheel or spins), banking options (Interac, credit card, etc.), fast payouts, customer support, and other parameters important for you.

  1. Make sure the casino app is available for your device
  2. Download the app
  3. Register and make a deposit
how to choose casino apps

Bonuses on Mobile Casino Apps

There are so many different bonuses; it's just incredible! To start at the beginning, with many of the best casino apps, you will receive a welcome bonus right after your first registration.

These welcome bonus offers vary from spins to cash bonuses (โ‚ฌ 100 bonus, โ‚ฌ 200 bonus, โ‚ฌ 500 bonus, etc.) and cashback bonus (โ‚ฌ 10 cashback up to the full bet amount). Usually, the amounts in the apps are the same on the normal website.

There are various other bonuses in the apps, such as a free spin on a bonus wheel or daily free spins, in addition to the welcome bonus.

Customer Service

Naturally, customer service is important. If you have questions or get stuck in somewhere in the apps, they must be resolved as soon as possible. Fortunately, nowadays, most online casinos and their apps have the option for 24/7 online chat!

Banking Options

To make gambling sites with mobile casino apps even more interesting, it is important that you can make quick and easy money transactions. Various options are available for this;

This is just a handful of options that apply; there are endless other payment options, so choose the best payment option for you. Go to the app and check what methods that are available when you play casino.

Best Android Mobile Casinos 2022

With Android devices, it can be challenging to find an online casino app where you can gamble with real money. This has to do with the restrictions of Google play.

On the other hand, there are two options for casino gambling with online casino apps, namely gambling through a โ€œdownload casinoโ€ or a โ€œno download casino.โ€ A no download casino means that you play on a browser.

Since it is difficult for Android users to find a casino app where real money online gambling can be done, we recommend players who do not want to gamble for real cash straight away to play through a so-called no download casino.

Remember that you need a (strong) internet connection to play at no download casinos.

  • Cashmio Casino
  • Mount Gold Casino
  • Supernopea Casino
  • Nitro Casino
  • Spinurai Casino
android casino apps

Best iPhone and iPad Casino Apps 2022

As stated earlier, playing casino with a mobile iOS device (iPhone or Ipad) is easier than playing with real money casino apps on a mobile Android device.

Therefore, it is easy to find various iPhone casino games in the mobile app store; keep in mind that many of the best casino apps only offer free games or games where you can only bet small amounts.

For gambling with higher amounts of money, you often have to go to the online casino sites to download and install casino apps on your Android device, iPad or iPhone.

A small disadvantage for playing with mobile iOS devices is that a game's speed can strongly influence when it concerns an older device.

The newer iOS devices and their apps have no problems with this; this slowness of casino games has to do with the software of your Ios device. The older the software, the slower the game.

  • Spinurai Casino
  • Buster Banks Casino
  • Lucky Casino
  • Cashmio Casino
  • Supernopea Casino
apple casino apps

Top 5 Best Real Money Casino Apps

If you have a mobile device and wonder which real money casino apps are currently the best, we have put together a handy overview below for you with the best mobile casino apps for Android mobile devices and your iPhone or Ipad.

  1. MyJackpot โ€“ More than 200 slots โ€“ Weekly events and daily new challenges with various bonuses
  2. Big Fish Casino โ€“ High welcome bonus offers โ€“ A large number of games
  3. Gambino โ€“ 200 free spins โ€“ Daily free spins on the bonus wheel โ€“ VIP club
  4. Huuuge Casino โ€“ Various game selection โ€“ Low betting options
  5. Vera Vegas โ€“ Extensive range of games โ€“ Various bonuses

Playing With An App Or On Your Browser?

When you want to choose whether you want to play with a casino app or on your browser, you will have to consider several details. For example, your screen resolution, available storage space on your phone, connection, mobile data and the software you have on your phone will decide which of the online casinos and apps suits you better.

Pros of Casino Apps

  • A general advantage is that devices with higher screen resolution often have the ability to display the best mobile apps, top animations that are colourful and challenging.
  • As mentioned earlier, there are several details that you should take into account. First of all, when you play a game on the casino app, it takes up your entire screen โ€“ so no annoying address bar is constantly on your screen. Also, you can play offline on a casino game with an app.
  • An advantage of gaming on your browser instead of in apps is that you do not have to download a casino app, which takes up (almost) no space.

Cons of Casino Apps

  • When you play a game on your browser, you will always see the address bar on your screen, which can be quite disturbing.
  • Another disadvantage of gambling with a browser instead of through apps is that you always need an internet connection, so it is impossible to gamble offline.
  • For gambling on real money casino apps, you need storage space, which can be quite difficult when you have various apps on your device, and little space is available.
  • Earlier, we mentioned that you could also gamble offline on an app; an additional disadvantage is that you can often only gamble for free or with low bet amounts with this offline game option.
  • Your mobile device's software is also important; an older iPhone or Ipad with older software is considerably slower than the latest new versions.
  • A final disadvantage is when you are not connected to a WiFi connection, gambling at casino games through apps or browsers can cost many mobile data.

Fast Payouts on Casino Apps?

If you โ€“ like us โ€“ like to take a gamble for real money, you don't want something as simple as depositing or having your money paid out to take days or even weeks. It is, therefore, important that the apps have the option for quick casino payouts (and deposits).

A fast payout depends on several factors. First of all, the processing time of the online casino itself is important, this is often processed within 24 hours, but there are exceptions. The transaction speed of the casino app also applies.

Normally, the same method is used for paying out as the deposit was made. In some cases, you will still have to fill in a form to verify your identity and the like. However, on many of the best casino apps, it is not necessary.

Finally, the payment method influences quick payouts. If you have used a bank transfer or payment by credit/debit card from the app, it often takes longer than if you have used Interac, Trustly, Neteller or all other e-wallets.

Best Casino Apps without Registration?

Like all online casinos that do not require registration, you can also play with quite a few real money casino apps without creating an account. If you want to learn more about using an app for gambling without registering at online casinos, look at our page about betting without an account.

A quick and easy way to gamble in the best casino apps without registration is when you are connected through Interac or Trustly. Interac immediately verifies your identity and especially your age, which makes gambling without registration extremely pleasant through a casino app.

Mobile Apps for Canadian Players

Players from Canada can enjoy playing a casino game through various apps today. Players that enjoy casino gambling on their smartphones or tablet can play real cash games very easily. If you compare the time and effort to go to a land-based casino, this is much faster, simpler and more fun.

To get started, players need to download the app and install it. You also need to make sure you account with one of the casinos offering players from Canada mobile gambling online. On this page, you can find several casinos offering an app version for Canadian players.

Once the account and the installation of the app are done, you can sit back and enjoy a very user friendly casino experience from any place in your home, in your office or while you are travelling. If you are not sure, you can always test the free casino version before moving on to the real money version.

Casino Apps vs Playing in Browser

There are a few things separating playing in the best casino apps vs using the desktop version of Canadian casinos. Some games are more enjoyable on your computer, whereas some are more fun on your mobile devices.

Some of the best mobile casino apps today offer a great mobile gaming experience. The high-quality resolution and user-friendly design of new games make sure a great casino experience on a wide selection of casino sites.

If you want to try out what you prefer, you can start playing a free casino to test the games. To play for free gives you an understanding of all the top-recommended games at online casinos before you proceed to real money gambling.

Casino Games Available through Casino Apps

Like playing on a mobile browser, you can also play through casino apps with real money on various casino games. Below several games in a row;


Slots (or slot machines) are generally the most common way of gambling, for a good reason. Playing slot machine games in a casino app works much like on a standard slot machine. Most of the new games released are built to suit apps rather than computers.

With one click, you bet money; you spin the slot machine and wait for the machine to come to a stop. Some progressive jackpots available through apps have paid out giant winnings over the years. This is why they are considered some of the top games online.

Live Casino Games

Baccarat, Poker, Roulette and dice games are examples of table games that you can play through an app. All of them have mobile friendly versions available through the app that are easy to get started on.

All these table games are available when you play for real money in the live dealer casino section. You are in contact with a live dealer, just like in a real casino but from your own living room.

Scratch Cards

Who doesn't know them โ€“ the scratch cards โ€“ you can find them everywhere. Canadian players can play scratch cards using casino apps is, therefore, no exception. However, not all online casinos offer this in their range of mobile casino games.

Where you normally work with a coin on a scratch card, you now only have to take out your mobile device and simply โ€œscratchโ€ (of course, not with a coin). With often a low bet, you can easily make a nice profit.


Basically, roulette games work in a casino app much the same as in a real casino. You bet real money on certain combinations, high/low, black/white and the correct numbers. The rules apply to the mobile versions available through the casino apps.

The game is fair using a โ€œRandom Number Generatorโ€ or RNG. The ball is launched into the roulette wheel and waits for where the ball lands! Exciting!!! (Also possible in a live casino app).


Play Blackjack either through an automated dealer or with a live dealer at a live casino. The advantage of playing Blackjack games on casino apps is that you can choose the best casino that suits your preferences.


The advantage of playing games such as Baccarat through a casino app is that you don't have to worry about the etiquette that comes with Baccarat. Also, the stakes are often low, which makes it easy to play. On casinos online, the stakes are not as high as the ones needed from land-based casinos.

Video Poker

The Video Poker game is by far one of the most exciting card games of all time! You can play video poker in a live casino or through an automated dealer. Whatever your preference, there is something for everyone regarding the best online video poker sites available through apps and browsers.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the best real money games available in gambling apps all over the world. Even though it might not be considered casino games, it is nice to have sports betting as an option for casino games when you play games online. There is also a possibility of betting without an account. That could be worth trying out before installing the app.

Casino Apps FAQ

Are Casino Apps Reliable?

Hell yes! As long as you are connected through a secure internet connection and play at a casino with the correct licenses and permits. Just download the app to see what the casinos offer to players from Canada. On this page, you find a great selection of casino sites with the best games.

What payment methods can I find in the top-recommended casino apps?

Just like an online casino website, the same payment methods are available for payments in casino apps. Consider, for example, Zimpler, bank transfer or payment by debit/credit card. Make sure you select a payment option available for players in your region.

Are all online casinos mobile friendly?

Today, all online casinos are built mobile-first to satisfy the players. You can find a wide range of games available through apps at the best sites. Pick between all games available for online gambling, such as table games, video poker, sports betting and classic casino games. All the best online banking options for Canadian players are also on the online casinos here.

How about the welcome bonuses on casino apps?

When you play with a casino app or an online casino (just with your laptop or PC), the bonus system is the same. Think of welcome bonuses, free spins, cashback bonuses, cash bonuses, spins on a bonus wheel and much more! New players can take part in some of the most exciting offers for casinos online!

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