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Max Deranker
Max Deranker
Hey I'm Max, founder and Editor in Chief of Topnoaccountcasinos. I've been in the online casino industry for over 13 years and happy to share my expertise in the field with fellow players.
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  • Online casino expert
  • Former Journalist
  • Founder and main contributor

Max has been involved in the online gambling industry ever since he joined Expekt in 2010. He has a journalistic marketing background that the developet in the industry and decided to start his own website in the late 2020, and that is how Topnoaccountcasinos was born.

The idea was always to help players to find the right online casino, by providing accurate and first class information that is created by players and experts.

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Personal Life

I like reading books and spend a lot of the time either cooking or going to the gym. Like many other friends in the gambling industry, I also play a lot of poker (but never reached a pro level). For me, its mainly to sort of let go of everything and take a mental break.


University of Malta – 2012 – 2016

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