Review Policy

Unlike many casino comparison websites, we do test and evaluate online casinos carefully before listing them on Topnoaccountcasinos. We do this always with the best interest of the players and visitors of our site.
In order to do this non biased, we never accept any payment from or commission from the gambling sites upfront, for the listing, or for a given position on the website.
Instead, we perform our tests with our own money without further obligations so that we can write honest reviews and, if, applicable, list the online casino where we believe it fits. Read more about our process and review policy below!

Unlike many casino comparison websites, we do test and evaluate online casinos carefully before listing them on Topnoaccountcasin...

  • The Reviewing Team
  • How We Perform Our Casino Reviews
  • How to List Your Casino

Written By: Max Dernaker Checked By: Thomas Berg Last Updated

Our Casino Review Process

First of all, meet our team of country managers that perform our casino tests!

Max Deranker


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In the online gambling industry since 2010. Worked at three different online casinos prior to founding I mainly test Canadian & international online casinos.

Mia Meyer

German Country Manager

Over 6 years in the gambling industry, mainly working at online casinos with game testing and CRM. Recently joined Topnoaccountcasinos and handling the German side of the business.

Jonna Martinsson

Swedish Country Manager

Jonna has been reviewing online casinos ever since 2012, working for some of the most well known casino news sites in Sweden. Decided to join Topnoaccountcasinos in 2022 as she likes to specify herself on no account casinos. Jonna tests and reviews Swedish and Finnish online casinos

Get to know the rest of the team in our about us page

Casino Review Process - Step By Step

Step 01

Identify Availability

We compile a list of new as well as established online casinos that we want to test for the various markets where we are operate. Here is also where we check the online casino's license.

Step 02

Ensure Legitimacy

We deposit 50-200€/$, gamble for an hour and process a withdrawal request to ensure that the online casino delivers what is promised.

Step 03

Test Customer Support

We use either the chat or email function to get in touch with the customer support personell of the online casino. This is to ensure that real people are behind the screen and not bots. We perform this test anonymously so we do not receive any special treatment for a better review.

Step 04

Explore The Online Casino

If everything until this step has been according to our liking; we explore the game selection, various bonuses and get a better picture of the online casino. We showcase this on our Youtube channel for our visitors to see.

Step 05

List The Online Casino

The final step is to list the online casino where applicable and write a review for our visitors. We compare the drafted review towards other recognized casino comparison sites before we publish the review just so that there's not we've missed.

The Scores Are Not Written in Stone

We re visit all online casinos that we’ve listed to ensure that our rating and review is still valid. As the gambling industry is fast paced and we’re not able to review every single online casino, we try to re visit the given online casino at least once every 3rd month.

But during this time, things can change that we might not be aware off. So if you as a visitor or casino owner detects something that is written in our review or added to the score, please do address us.

This helps us to keep the review up to date and sometimes, even take drastic actions such as blacklist casinos that start acting rough.

List Your Casino Site On Topnoaccountcasinos

The first step to get listed on our site is to contact us. We’ll take it from there and guide you through the process.

Depending on the locations where you operate as well as your license, one of our experts will perform a test of your site anonymously, playing with real money. We do this to ensure that your website fulfils our requirements and takes well care of our visitors.

Will We List Unregulated Casino Sites?

The short answer is no. We only list regulated and licensed online casinos at Topnoaccountcasinos. The online casinos that we review and test needs at least one of following licenses:


Topnoaccountcasinos is an independent casino news site and comparison service. We do the best we can to keep all reviews and news up to date. We cannot, however, be held responsible for inaccuracies or errors.

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