Betting Sites Without Swedish License: Go or No Go?

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We have dedicated this page to discussing bettings sites without a Swedish license. It’s no secret that Sweden is a tough place to get a gaming license. The stringent regulations and high standards make it difficult for companies to obtain the necessary permits. In addition, it is connected to increased expenses for gambling operators to acquire and operate under a Swedish betting license. As a result, many online betting sites choose not to operate in Sweden.

However, many unlicensed betting sites and casinos without Swedish license are still available to Swedish players.

Best Betting Sites Without a Swedish License May, 2024

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Benefits of Betting Sites without Swedish License

Betting sites without a Swedish license are simply betting sites that do not have a government-issued permit to operate in Sweden. However, they may still be licensed by other authorities, such as the Curacao e-Gaming Authority or Malta Gaming Authority. This means that betting sites and casinos without a Swedish license still adhere to these authorities’ high standards and regulations.

“Gambling at a betting site without a Swedish license is not the same as gambling on a site without license.”

So What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to using betting sites without a Swedish license. You can often find better odds and more variety at casinos without license. On top of that, many of these betting sites and casinos without a Swedish license offer bonuses and promotions that can be extremely valuable. Swedish players using a betting site without license can still avoid paying taxes as long as they choose the right betting site. (We will take a closer look at this below.)

Overall, a betting site without a Swedish license can be a great way to get more value for your money and have a more enjoyable betting experience.

But there are not only benefits when you intend to play at a bookie without a Swedish license or without Spelpaus. We’ll discuss the risks and cons further down in the article.

How Do You know Whether a Betting Site is Licensed in Sweden?

In Sweden, the Swedish Gambling Authority must license all betting sites to market themselves to Swedish players. There are several ways to tell whether a betting site is licensed in Sweden.

First, all licensed betting sites will have a Swedish Gambling Authority logo on their homepage. You will usually find it on the page footer.

Second, all licensed betting sites will be listed on the Swedish Gambling Authority’s website.

spelinspektionen logo

Spelinspektionen logo that confirms whether the betting site is regulated in Sweden


But Why Should you Care if a Betting Site is Licensed in Sweden?

The main reason is that licensed betting sites are subject to strict regulations that are designed to protect consumers. For example, licensed betting sites are required to provide clear and concise information about odds and payouts.

They are also prohibited from offering bonuses and other incentives that could encourage excessive gambling. As a result, gamblers who stick to licensed betting sites can be confident that they are being treated fairly and safely.

However, the security comes with a price, which means that you won’t be able to claim more than a single bonus per betting site, and that bonus needs to be claimed when you make your first deposit. This is why Swedish players gamble on sites other than those with Swedish licenses. You can get more for the money when you play at casinos without a Swedish license.

  • Other reasons include more betting markets, better odds, and other payment methods.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Using Unlicensed Betting Sites?

You should know a few things to stay safe when gambling online. One of the most important is only to use licensed betting sites. And that does not mean that you necessarily need to choose betting sites or casinos licensed by the Swedish Gambling Authority.

Betting sites and casinos without Swedish license can be safe too! The point is to choose a betting site with A license. Preferably a renowned one.

Without the proper regulation, gambling sites may disappear with your money or refuse to pay out winnings. In addition, unlicensed sites may not have the same security measures in place to protect your personal and financial information.

So it is essential to do your research before choosing a betting site. Only use sites that are properly licensed by MGA or similar and have a good reputation. This will help you avoid any risks associated with unlicensed betting sites. In that sense, a Trustly bookmaker might be just what you are looking for!

How to: Find a Good, Reputable Betting Site That Doesn’t Have a Swedish License

When finding a good sports betting site, it would be best to keep a few things in mind. The primary stuff includes considering licensing, customer support, and user-friendliness. But choosing the right betting site or casino without a Swedish license also comes down to your personal preferences, such as bonus offers, odds and game selection, and available payment methods.

how to find betting without Swedish license


As mentioned above, choosing a betting site or casino with a valid license from a reputable regulatory body is essential. Check that the site has the license logo in the footer – and if still in doubt, check with the regulating authority. MGA casinos and betting sites are recommended.

Customer Support

Good customer support is essential for any online gambling site. Look for options such as 24/7 live chat and email support. Getting in contact with the customer support team should be easy if you want to.


The layout and navigation of the site should be easy to use and understand. Look for a site that is built for all kinds of devices, with a modern design, and has clear information about all the rules of odds, payouts, and bonuses.


Many sports betting sites offer bonuses such as welcome bonuses and free bets. Consider the terms and conditions of these bonuses, as well as any wagering requirements, before claiming.

Odds and Game Selection

Consider the odds offered on the site and the range of games available. Are there enough options for your preferred type of gambling? The betting markets are essential, but the actual odds are as important. Compare the odds on the site with other similar sites to know how the odds stand.

Payment Methods

Notice the available payment options on the site and whether they are convenient for you. Some sites may also have transaction fees or limits, so make sure to check these before making a deposit. Another thing that may be worth checking is the average withdrawal times.

Overall Reputation

Please do some research online and read reviews from other users about their experience with the betting site. Look for consistent patterns in the reviews, and consider any red flags. It’s also worth checking forums and discussion boards for additional information.

By keeping these things in mind, you can find a good betting site without a Swedish license that fits your needs and preferences.

Other Things To Consider Playing on a Betting and Casino without a License

While many reputable and licensed betting sites are available, those that do not have a Swedish license have certain limitations against Swedish players.

For example, gambling sites without Swedish license are not allowed to offer their services in the Swedish language. This means that players will need to rely on their English skills or translated versions of the site, which may not always be accurate. However, if you are reading this text, it’s probably not a big issue for you.

Another thing to consider is that gambling sites without Swedish license can’t offer players to play in Swedish currency. You will most likely need to play in Euros. This means that you will need to count on losing some money in currency conversion.

Last but not least, any betting site and casino without Swedish license is a site without Spelpaus. This means you miss out on protection against gambling problems that you may or may not need.

  • No Swedish language on site
  • No Swedish Krona
  • No Swedish customer support

Betting At Casinos Without A Swedish License And Without Spelpaus

One thing stands out when talking about betting at a casino without a Swedish license. You have a well-developed self-exclusion service at gambling sites with a Swedish license and a program that helps Swedish players take a break and not gamble when needed. This service is called Spelpaus.

Spelpaus is simply a betting service that allows Swedish players to self-exclude from ALL betting and casino sites with a Swedish license with just a few clicks. All you need to do is to log into with your bank ID and choose the time. You can self-exclude for a certain time period, such as; 1, 3, or 6 months. You can also choose to self-exclude until further notice. If you opt for this option, you can request access first after 12 months.

This is a great service if you are facing gambling-related problems, but if you accidentally put a longer self-exclusion period than you find suitable, there is no way to turn it around. In this case, your only option is to wait until the time is up or choose to bet on a casino without a Swedish license and without Spelpaus.

Does That Mean That Players Are Unsafe at Sites Without a License?

Despite not being licensed by the Swedish government, some betting sites and casinos without a license may still be safe.

It’s important to remember that having a Swedish gaming license isn’t the only guarantee of safety or trustworthiness. You can easily find a betting site or a casino without Swedish license that will offer similar responsible gaming services as the Swedish ones. For example:

Gambling Limits

Betting sites and casinos without a Swedish license may still offer players the ability to set their own betting limits daily, weekly, or monthly. This is, for example, the case if you choose a site with a MGA license.


Betting sites without a Swedish license may still have self-exclusion options for players who want to take a break from gambling. The difference is that you will need to self-exclude from each site. There is no service that will block you from every betting site and casino without a Swedish gaming license.

What About Taxes?

One of the benefits of playing at betting sites and casinos with a Swedish license is that they offer tax-free winnings for players. Many players think that betting sites without a Swedish license do not have this option, so players will need to pay taxes on their winnings according to Swedish laws. However, this is not true.

When it comes to gambling tax-free online, a few things will determine whether you need to pay taxes or not on your winnings. First of all, ALL Swedish-licensed betting sites are tax-free. But they are not the only ones. Thanks to the European Union, the Swedish government need to allow companies from other countries to compete on the same terms.

So that means that any betting site or casino with a license from a gambling authority within the EEA can offer tax-free gambling to Swedish players. However, they can’t offer gambling in the Swedish language or currency. So, you want to make sure that you pick a betting site or casino in this category.

Please note! Gambling licenses originating outside of the EEA will not have the same advantage.

Bonuses at Gambling Sites Without Swedish License

It is not unusual for gambling sites without a Swedish license to offer better bonuses, promotions and competitions than the ones with a Swedish license.

This is because they are not limited by the bonus regulations set by Spelinspektionen (The Swedish Gambling Authority). This is also one of the main reasons why Swedish players gamble in a betting site or casino without a Swedish license. Bonuses that can be claimed include:

No-deposit bonus

A no-deposit bonus is a bonus that you can claim without making a deposit. This means that you will be able to play without risking any of your own money. This can, for example, be a free bet, or if you play at a casino, it may include free spins.

Welcome bonuses

A welcome bonus is often connected to your first deposit and can come in different shapes and sizes, such as deposit bonuses or free spins.

Reload bonuses

A reload bonus is a bonus that you can claim on subsequent deposits. It is not as big as a welcome bonus, but it can still give you extra funds or free spins to play with.

Competitions and tournaments

Gambling sites without a Swedish license often have big competitions and tournaments with prizes such as trips or cash bonuses.

Free spins

Many gambling sites without a Swedish license offer free spins either as a no-deposit bonus or as part of a welcome package or reload bonus.

Disadvantages With Betting Sites and Casinos Without Swedish License

As we mentioned earlier in this article, it is important to remember that some potential risks are associated with betting on sites without a Swedish license. These include:

  • Less protection for players in terms of resolving disputes and complaints.
  • No Swedish Currency is available
  • Bettings sites and casinos without Swedish license are not allowed to offer services with the Swedish license
  • Swedish Players can’t use Trustly Pay N Play to log on to the casino or betting site without a license


Unlicensed sports betting sites have their benefits, but it is essential to know the risks before using them. With some research, you can find a reputable unlicensed betting site that meets your needs and expectations. With that being said, we advise you to be careful and do your homework before playing at betting sites without Swedish license.

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