No Account Casino – No Account Needed With Pay N Play in Canada 2021

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No account casinos, also known as pay N play casinos, are one of the most popular new options in online gambling. Instead of going through a signup process, you can simply start playing at a no account casino right away using the online banking service Trustly. This keeps your personal and financial information more secure – while also allowing you to skip all the boring stuff and get right to the betting action.

We'll get more into the pros and cons further down in this guide. But know that from Canada, you can play all the same slots and table games at no account casinos that you can play at online casinos that require an account and inconvenient registration. This includes favourites like Gonzo's Quest and Cleopatra as well as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

At, we only recommend legit no registration casino sites with familiar games, transparent terms & and a stellar reputation among players and experts alike.

This site was designed to help you find the no account casinos in Canada that are right for you too.
And no matter what type of game you like to play, or your preferred features within those games – you can find it all right here.

Read on to learn more about how a no account casino works for players in Canada, and why it may be a better option than the more traditional route of signing up.

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Best No Account Casinos in Canada 2021

buster banks casino logo

Bonus Wheel

  • New No Account Casino
  • Minimum Deposit: €10
  • Our Score: 10/10
cashmio casino logo

500 Free Spins

  • Best No Account Casino
  • Minumum Deposit: €20
  • Fast Withdrawals in 5 Minutes
  • Our Score: 10/10

Quick Facts About No Account Casinos

Number of No Account Casinos:10
Total Bonuses:€11000
No Deposit Bonuses:0
Casino Games Available:Online slots, Live casino, Jackpots, Table Games
Licenses:MGA & Curacao
Payment Methods:Trustly & Zimpler
Withdrawal Fees:0%
Security:Highest Possible
Minimum Deposit:$5
quick facts on no account casinos

Top 10 No Account Casinos in Canada 2021

You'll notice that a lot of the online casino comparison websites recommending no account, pay n play casinos direct you to online casinos that don't offer that option. Here are the 10 best online casinos where no account is needed!

1. Buster Banks Casino

Meet Buster, who kicks starts your journey at Buster banks thanks to the bonus wheel. No account is needed at this online casino, and it is overall our favourite choice for players in Canada that are looking for a top Pay N Play experience.

Fast WithdrwalsPay N PlayCasino Bonus
YesYesBuster Bonus Wheel

2. Boom Casino

Boom Casino allows both a pay n play and a signup option, and the signup may be worthwhile just for the 100% bonus up to $800 and 250 free spins. Boom Casino also offers a robust and helpful “expert's area” that offers slot reviews, exclusive tips, and more.

Fast WithdrwalsPay N PlayCasino Bonus
YesSoon100% bonus
up to $800

3. Nitro Casino

Nitro Casino accepts no account online gambling in several jurisdictions, giving players instant access to a huge number of games. This includes favorites like Gonzo's Quest, Great Rhino, and Starburst, and Nitro gives you bonus money or free spins every day that you deposit.

Fast WithdrwalsPay N PlayCasino Bonus
YesSoonDaily Rewards

4. Fun88eu

One of the first no account options for online gamblers in Canada, Fun88eu offer a huge selection of games while ensuring Canadians have access to pay n play action. They set the bar high, ensuring other no account casino options have a lot to live up to as they enter CA.

Fast WithdrwalsPay N PlayCasino Bonus
YesYesWager Free Free Spins

5. SuperNopea

Everything is super at SuperNopea, including super speedy withdrawals, games that load instantly, and super big daily jackpots ideal for pay n play casino players. You have your choice of slots, digital table games, and live casino rooms, the ultimate online gambling experience without an account.

Fast WithdrwalsPay N PlayCasino Bonus
YesYesNo Bonus Available

6. FastBet Casino

It's all in the name. FastBet is a pay n play casino that makes it easy to bet quickly. Get in and out seamlessly, while enjoying a near countless selection of games, at the aptly named FastBet Casino. This is a top choice among Canadian players, and for good reason.

Fast WithdrwalsPay N PlayCasino Bonus
YesYesNo Bonus Available

7. GoGoCasino

Swipe right to deposit and play. Swipe left to withdraw and exit the sight. That's how easy GoGoCasino makes it for online gamblers in Canada to go win money then go back to whatever else it is they love to do.

Fast WithdrwalsPay N PlayCasino Bonus
YesSoonNo Bonus Available

8. GoSlotty Casino

GoSlotty is the ultimate no account casino. They don't even have an account option in fact, simply choose your deposit amount, link your bank account, play the games. And cash out whenever you're ready. You can even resume play next time you visit the site, even without creating an account.

Fast WithdrwalsPay N PlayCasino Bonus
YesSoonNo Bonus Available

9. NeonVegas

NeonVegas is another no account casino that offers an extremely tempting signup offer. If you're willing to create an account, they'll match your initial wagers by 500% up to $500. That's 5x the money, which is pretty close to unbeatable. Still, the no account games are numerous and worth exploring.

Fast WithdrwalsPay N PlayCasino Bonus
YesSoon500% up to $500

10. Rocket Casino

Many players around the world choose the pay n play option at Rocket Casino. But they have one of the best loyalty programs in the industry, so we also recommend giving signup a try if you're not strictly a no account player.

Fast WithdrwalsPay N PlayCasino Bonus
YesYesCashback On Every Spin

Pay n Play Casino in Canada – How it Works

step by step guide to no account casinos

Pay n Play casinos in Canada are casino websites that you can visit to bet real money. It's that straightforward. You don't need to prove who you are, Trustly does all that for you. In just a few steps, you're playing your favorite casino games – and winning money online without the hassle of joining an online casino.

  • Step 1 is finding your ideal pay n play casino. We have a handful of recommended options, but each one is unique in its own way. If you're a slots player, then you're almost certainly covered by all the options. At all online casinos, slots reign supreme, and you can find dozens of choices that fit your preferences. For table game players, you'll want to really make sure they have your preferred game, and that the rules within those games are within your preferences as well.
  • Step 2 is choosing how much you want to deposit. These are instant, and you can quickly and easily add more if you run out, so don't worry too much about this in general. However, you'll want to make sure you have the funds in your account.
  • Step 3 is connecting to your bank account through Trustly. This is similar to signing up for a website using your Gmail or Facebook account. But for a no account casino, you're simply connecting your bank account, not creating an account at the casino itself. All of the major financial institutions in Canada, including RBC and TD Bank, are compatible with Trustly.
  • Step 4 is verifying your identity by confirming the transaction through your email. This extra layer of security is what makes Trustly and no account casinos so secure. You're not only keeping your private information private, but you're also automatically doing two-factor authentication – without even signing up!
  • Step 5 is playing casino games. That's it! You can now play any and all the games you want at the no account casino. Whatever you win will be added to your balance. Whatever you lose will be withdrawn from your balance.
  • Step 6 is withdrawing your winnings. It's the same instant process as making a deposit. Simply request a withdrawal, confirm your identity through your email, and have all the money in your no account casino balance transferred to your bank account.

How many of us have created an online casino account, played a few times, then never returned? We're basically handing over our personal and financial information for no good reason. With the number of no account casinos now available to Canadians, we can ensure that it never happens again.

Casino Games That Can Be Played Without an Account

The short story is that all casino games that we know can be played without an account at the online casinos that we recommend. But there's more to it.

You see, no account casinos tend to focus on games that are fast and mobile friendly. That's why, whenever you visit an online casino without a registration process, that's exactly what you'll find at their landing page.

But don't be fooled, all your favourite games are present. You just need to use the search navigation to find the game that you'd like to play. Whether it's slots, roulette, blackjack or even Sic bo – you will find it at any of the no account casinos in Canada.

Some of the casino games that you'll find at any of the no registration casinos are:

  • ✅ Slot games
  • ✅ Roulette
  • ✅ Blackjack
  • ✅ Live dealer tables
  • ✅ Sic Bo
  • ✅ Baccarat
  • ✅ Craps
  • ✅ Pai Gow
  • ✅ Video Poker

Payout Percentages

Why go for an online casino with fast withdrawals if you're about to play casino games that don't pay out?

A topic that most online casino players don't pay enough attention to is the payout percentage at online casinos and at the casino games that they decide to play. It's simple, some games payout more than others. And to be a successful player you need to take that into consideration while gambling online.

Luckily, no account casinos tend to also be the best paying ones. You may wonder why?
Simply because that's their best chance to get the players to come back.

You probably already noticed that no account casinos are not giving away too much casino bonuses. Instead, they focus on providing the players with fast payouts and good-paying games to that they come back to the casino.

I love hight RTP ( Return to player) games. I'm talking about casino games that payout 95% or more back to the players. I do my research before I play any games for real money and so should you. By only choosing reliable no account casinos, I also know that the games have been checked and approved by regulatory authorities such as Ecogra. That way I know that I get the RTP that is promised by the software provider.

If you want to skip doing the research yourself however, here are the best payout casino games that you can play at all the best no account casinos:

Casino GameReturn to PlayerPlay Without Account
Video Poker99.85%Cashmio Casino
Baccarat99%Buster Banks Casino
Online Slots99%Cashmio Casino
Blackjack98.50%Super Nopea Casino
Roulette97.50%Neon Vegas Casino
Craps95%Rocket Casino

Trustly – The Main Payment Provider for No Account Casino

Trustly is an innovative Swedish company that's quickly becoming the premier choice for eliminating the need for credit cards or e-wallets. In fact, you don't even need a Trustly account, you only need online banking. And in this day and age, that applies to anyone with a bank account.

For a while, Trustly was not available in Canada. But as recently as August 2020, the company expanded into the Great White North (as well as Australia), which meant that Canadians now have access to no account casinos.

Well, technically, folks in Canada already had access to pay n play casinos. If you're someone who uses cryptocurrency, you likely already know that online gaming is one of its most popular uses. And due to its fast and secure transactions—and partnerships between online casinos and crypto wallets—there have been no account crypto casinos.

But, finally, the rest of us have a comparably fast and convenient method for playing no account casino games with Trustly.

Because Trustly is so new to our country, you may be unfamiliar with the brand name. But many Canadians are already used to ACH, or online banking, in a variety of forms. You've likely logged into your bank account through another website. An easy example would be Intuit Canada and TurboTax, which connects to your bank account through a similar login feature.

Basically, Trustly is the service these no account casinos use. But its purpose is to cut out the middleman by eliminating the need for credit and debit cards or apps like PayPal or Skrill.

Why Play in a No Account Casino?

Playing at a no account casino is the online version of walking into a brick-and-mortar casino. You don't have to sign up or provide any information beyond the bare essentials: your ID at the entrance and cash at the table. All you have to do at these innovative new sites is connect your online banking using Trustly, which serves as both your “ID” and your “cash.”

Now imagine finding a no account casino with live dealer rooms. That would be the most immersive casino experience you could have online, combining pay n play convenience with real-life dealers and physical tables. And while this is a rare find right now, it's likely to become far more common in the near future.

With a no account casino, you avoid providing the following details:

  • Credit card numbers
  • Date of birth
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Social Insurance Number (last four digits or otherwise)

The email verification is through Trustly, not sent by the online casino. It's simple to make sure your bank account info isn't compromised.

This is an incredible level of safety and security that no traditional online casino could offer. The simple reason is that nothing online can be 100% guaranteed to be secure. So the only way to ensure your private information stays private is by not providing it. 

Plus, you have the same level of win potential, and gaming excitement at the best pay n play casinos that you do at any traditional online casino. That's what we call a win-win – and the winning keeps going from there.

No Account Casino Pros and Cons

In case you couldn't tell, we're big fans of Canada no account casinos. But, like everything else, there is a con for every pro.

  • Pro: No Account Needed is the most obvious, so let's get that out of the way first. The single biggest advantage of a no account casino is the lack of an account. You don't need to sign up to create a login, and you connect your Trustly account each time you want to play.
  • Pro: Instant Deposits and Withdrawals, much like playing at a brick-and-mortar casino. While it's not as direct as receive your winnings as a fistful of Bordens, it's as close as it gets to cash payments in the online casino world.
  • Pro: Availability in Canada, which wasn't a reality outside of cryptocurrency casinos before Trustly arrived in CA. You don't have to travel or use a VPN to enjoy the convenience of a no account casino – or become familiar with the world of crypto gaming.
  • Con: No Account History, which can be beneficial for favouriting games, seeing your gameplay history, and accruing loyalty points. At many traditional online casinos, loyalty points can be directly exchanged for the bonus money, and that's not a reality for no account casino players.
  • Con: No Member Benefits, which is likely the biggest downside to not creating an account. You're not sent exclusive promotion offers, and you can't become a VIP member. Those are some of the key selling points at traditional online casinos, and they're non-existent at a pay n play casino.
  • Con: Limited Options compared to traditional online casinos. We're talking just a handful of pay n play casinos versus countless signup casinos available to Canadians. If you have specific tastes and preferences, they may not be met at the no account casinos currently available in Canada. 

You also may already have a go-to traditional online casino, making a pay n play casino a good option when you're looking to switch things up – without committing to creating an account.

New No Account Casinos in Canada

To Canadians, all the best no account casinos are technically new, as they've just recently become available. So here are the top three best new pay n play casinos available to players in Canada.

For each one of these sites, we personally verified that they accept no account deposits from players in Canada. So no need to use a VPN, you're able to deposit and play instantly.

1. FastBet Casino

With 24-7 customer support available via online chat and email, a huge selection of slots and table games, and an extensive catalogue of live dealer rooms, FastBet is the best new no deposit casino available from Canada.

Also, FastBet isn't just a casino. It's also a no deposit sportsbook and poker room, providing an all-around betting experience that may well be one of a kind for pay n play casinos available in Canada.

Founded in 2018, they're still relatively new to the scene. But with a Trustly partnership alongside hosting software companies like Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, and more, they're quickly becoming the go-to option for pay n play casino gaming. 

2. Fun88eu

Forgive their name, which reads more like a WiFi password than an online casino. The truth is that Fun88eu has extremely accessible customer support, a huge selection of slots and table games (including Live Dealer), and a very enticing welcome bonus. 

That's right, this no account casino offers 30 free spins for all first-time depositors. If you've never connected your Trustly account to this site, that offer is yours for the taking. 

But once you have already taken advantage of the offer, you can enjoy the many other promotions they have going on throughout the year, including daily, weekly, and seasonal events. For Canada players who like pay n play casinos that still offer free chances to win, make Fun88eu part of your regular rotation.

3. GoGo Casino

GoGo Casino does not have any digital table games. So if that's a deal-breaker for you, then we recommend the other two options listed above. But if you love the slots, few places offer a more straightforward pay n play casino experience.

Plus, they have Live Dealer rooms, so GoGo still offers some form of table games.

At GoGo, you simply swipe to the right to make a deposit. And whenever you're ready to cash out, simply return to the homepage and swipe to the left. That will send your balance back to your account through Trustly, and you can return anytime you want to enjoy GoGo action again.

how we rank a no account casino

How We Rate No Account Casinos

We don't keep our step-by-step rating process of the best pay n play casinos a secret. We believe wholeheartedly in transparency to help folks in Canada find the best no account casinos available to them. Here's how we rate each choice:

  1. Identify Availability. We first compile a huge list of every no account casino online. Then we narrow that list down the options available in Canada.
  2. Ensure Legitimacy. We personally deposit, play the games, and withdraw. We also check the reviews among players and experts alike to make sure our view is largely shared across the online gaming community.
  3. Verify Customer Service. The no account casino support team must be available via online chat and email, and they need to respond quickly to messages. The customer service representatives must be knowledgeable and clear, as well.
  4. Explore Gaming Selection. The more games they offer—and the bigger the variety—the better. This includes classic and video slots, progressive jackpot slots, digital table games, and Live Dealer rooms if they have sports betting and multiplayer poker too, even better.

The last three areas are too detailed to go over in a list, so we create a section for each of them below. But as an overview, the best pay n play casinos must have:

  • Fast withdrawals
  • Showcase a license with a governing body
  • Offer a mobile experience on-par with the desktop version

When a site checks every box, they graduate from a no account casino to one of the best pay n play casinos in Canada.

Pay n Play Casino – Fast Withdrawals

fast withdrawals with pay n play casinos

One of the key aspects of the no account casino experience is the fast withdrawals. Rather than sit and wait multiple days to get the money you won fair and square approved, you withdraw the moment you're ready, and it's immediately transferred to your account. 

Well, it takes as long as it takes to confirm the email from Trustly that you requested the withdrawal (rather than someone else). But just a few minutes is dramatically faster than multiple days.

A pay n play that makes you wait a long time for approval practically defeats the whole purpose of a no account casino. If you're going to take 48 hours or more to “approve” whether or not we won, we might as well join a signup casino.

In fact, we can confidently say that the withdrawal speed at the best no account casinos are as fast as the deposit speed. The only other signup casinos you can find that only accept cryptocurrency. And even then, the withdrawals usually need to go through an approval process.

The only time when waiting for approval is acceptable is when there's a bonus offered. An online casino, whether a signup site or no account casino, needs to verify that the terms and conditions of the bonus are met. 

For example, it's reasonable to have players complete the rollover requirements of bonus funds before they can cash out. If you could simply double your money without playing the games, everyone would join, deposit, and cashout without risking the money.

Licensing and Legislation

Partnering with Trustly is already a pretty good indication that the site is licensed. But that's not enough to ensure that the licensing and legislation is strong enough for us to confidently recommend it as one of the best no account casinos.

What we look for is a partnership with a known and trusted governing body, one with strict legislation that prioritizes player protection.

One such location is Malta, one of the premier hubs of online gaming companies. Their licensing requirements are incredibly extensive, and legislation makes it clear that any violations are punished so harshly, risking malpractice isn't worth it. If the Malta Gaming Authority finds a licensee to be in violation, they'll get shut down fast.

Another thing you can look for is the eCOGRA Seal of Approval. This industry-standard, completely independent company audits every game's random number generators (RNG) to ensure fairness. They also check to make sure the return to player (RTP) numbers are indeed what they're listed as.

The Mobile Experience

At this point, every online casino should have a site optimized for mobile devices. For a while there, many online casinos were slow to adopt. If you were playing even as recently as 2015, you've likely experienced a site that still hadn't entered the modern-day.

Thankfully, those days are behind us. Every high-quality online casino has a site that's optimized for both iOS and Android devices as well as any of the other platforms out there.

If we ever saw a bad mobile experience for a no account online casino, they would be immediately eliminated from recommendation.

For a no account casino, this means the site itself, the place you go when you open the web browser app on your mobile device and go to the casino's URL. While some may have Android and iOS apps in the future, that's not really the case at this point.

Thankfully, pay n play casino players usually don't want to have an app on their phone. It almost defeats the purpose.

But beyond the standard quality, we also look for the no account casinos with the best mobile experience. We make sure you have access to all the same games on your mobile device that you have on the desktop version. The navigation should be optimized for a touchscreen device.

And the games themselves should be framed perfectly specific to your screen – and perform just as well on-the-go as they do from home.

Why Trust

We're not the only site with no account casino recommendations for players in Canada. But we've seen the competition, and we've checked their top choices. Many of them aren't even no account casinos, and many aren't accessible for Canadians. Therefore, we felt that this niche had to be covered properly!

In fact, we recommend that anyone check the alternative sites for themselves. We're that confident that you'll be back here for the only definitive list of verified pay n play casinos specific to Canadian players. Welcome to And get ready for instant betting action from legit pay n play casinos – without the hassle of creating an account.

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