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Many Dutch players want to play at online casinos with iDeal. iDeal is a payment method that players can use to deposit at online casinos through their bank account. iDeal was put together in 2005 through a collaboration between some of the largest Dutch banks to create a smooth online banking experience. Just like Sweden introduced BankID.

Shortly afterwards, iDeal became one of the most used online payment methods in the country. Since 2013, iDeal has also been available for other European countries. In this article, we'll introduce some of the best online casinos that accept iDEAL as a banking method. We'll also discuss the advantages of iDEAL transactions.

If you're looking iDEAL online casinos, you're in safe hands!

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Online Gambling Opportunities With iDeal

There is a wide range of gambling options if you want to make online payments to the online casino with iDEAL. Plenty of real money casino games can be accessed when you use iDEAL. So let's look into all the options, shall we?

Mobile Casino

With the convenience of iDeal on your phone, you can easily play at a mobile casino. Choose your favourite online casino in our top list, and later iDEAL as the payment method. In no time, the money will be in your account, and you can get started. Mobile gambling with iDeal is currently mainly offered in the Benelux countries, perfect for Dutch players! The casinos accepting iDEAL will also provide a safe and secure two-factor authentication directly via your mobile.

Online Slots

It is a fact that all casinos that accept iDEAL do offer a wide range of online slots. There is no such thing as iDEAL slots nevertheless, as the casino sites do not differentiate iDEAL from other payment methods. Same here, simply choose an iDEAL online casino and play the slots that you fancy!

Live Casino

The convenience of online gambling from your own living room in a live casino is now made even easier by casinos with iDeal. So you are not limited to gambling on slots, but a large number of casinos also offer the option of iDeal payment at live casino games.

An additional advantage with live online casino iDeal games is that the wagering requirements are often low, so you do not have to gamble with high amounts to wager your casino bonus.

Casino Licenses

Often licenses are issued in either Malta or Curacao. Many Dutch players will now be disappointed, as the online casinos accepting iDEAL are not holding a Dutch casino license (yet).

But be sure that you do not do anything illegal when playing on casinos that accept iDEAL. However, make sure that the online casino has a valid operational license!

Pay with iDEAL at Online Casinos

Almost all (Dutch) banks are now affiliated with iDeal. Below is a list of banks that have a partnership with iDeal.

  • ING Bank
  • Revolut Bank
  • Handelsbanken
  • ASN Bank
  • Rabo bank
  • Van Lanschot Banking
  • SNS Bank
  • Regiobank
  • Triodos Bank
  • Bunq
  • Knab

Choosing the Best Casinos That Accept iDEAL

It can often be challenging to find a payment option that suits you as a player. iDeal may be the best solution if it is possible in your country. But what really makes the best online casinos that accept iDEAL? We'll explain what is important when choosing an iDeal casino.

Safe and Reliable

Safety is paramount at iDeal casino when you play with real money! Payouts must be fast and reliable. If you deposit money and start gambling, you naturally want your profit to reach your bank account as soon as possible.

The payout speed differs per online casino. In addition, you naturally want your bank details not to be shared; when you make an iDeal casino payment, your bank details will never be shared with the online casino thanks to the two-factor authentication.


To know if a casino belongs to one of the best casinos online with iDeal, it is important to verify that the online casino has the correct licenses. At most online casinos, you can find the license directly on their landing page at the very bottom (footer). You'll often find all their available payment methods in the same place.

Fast Payouts

If you have made a big win, you obviously don't want to wait too long for your money. A big advantage of iDeal is that the payments are made quickly. Casinos that accept iDEAL are among the fastest payout casinos in the Netherlands in fact!

In our list of iDeal casinos, you can almost assume that payouts are processed quickly.

Casino Bonus

It is probably essential that an iDeal casino has an interesting casino bonus! The iDEAL online casino bonuses vary enormously. And as a rule, most casinos have a welcome bonus.

You can also think of casino iDeal bonuses in the form of free spins (varying in the number of spins, for example, 100 free spins) or in the form of a money bonus, such as a € 100 bonus or a cashback bonus. You'll find them all, often with low wagering requirements at casinos iDEAL.

Online Casino iDeal – Casino Without Registration? 🤔

There is a diverse range of online casinos on the market, and most online casinos require you to create an account. But as you may know, there are a few awesome no registration casinos to be found! What makes everything even more pleasant is a casino with iDeal, without the hassle of registration. This is however only available in the Netherlands.

The only disadvantage of gambling at a no account iDeal casino is that you usually do not receive a casino bonus. So keep this in mind when you gamble at an iDeal casino without registration.

New iDeal online casinos ⭐️

The range of online casinos with iDeal payment method is constantly changing; we are, of course, on top of this and want to keep you informed of the latest new casino online with iDEAL.

The latest new iDeal casinos online here at a glance;

  • Gslot Casino
  • Dux Casino
  • Megaslot Casino
  • Winny Casino
  • Mount Gold Casino

Five advantages of Online Casino with iDeal

advantages of casino with ideal

As you can see, there are many advantages to using iDeal at online casinos. We have compiled a list for you with five advantages of online payments with iDeal at online casinos with a brief explanation;

  1. Fast and Secure Payments
  2. Familiar
  3. Easy Account Setup
  4. No Transaction Fees
  5. Overall Ease

Fast and secure payments

An iDeal payment is a fast and safe form of payment; when you make a deposit via iDeal payment, your money will be in your account almost immediately. In most cases, the only thing you have to do if you want to deposit money is to verify your deposit. Also, no bank details are shared when you make an iDeal payment, which guarantees anonymity when you play at an iDeal casino.


Because iDeal is already a well-known payment method for many, they already know how iDeal works. The convenience of depositing money with a payment option that you are already familiar with is, of course, iDeal (pun intended).


If you have an iDeal account, it is unnecessary to have an additional account with a third party, as is usual with Neteller, Skrill or most e-Wallets.

No Transaction Fees

Normally you should not pay transaction costs when you use iDeal payment.


iDeal is set up in such a way that you can make payment in no time. No complicated processes for filling in forms or questionnaires. What is also interesting is that you do not need a credit card, Skrill or Neteller to make a payment. When you make an online payment via iDeal, this is done directly via your own online banking account.

Disadvantages Of Using Ideal?

Compared to other online payment options, there are relatively few disadvantages to using iDeal. But if you do not have a Dutch bank account, this can sometimes be a challenge, since iDeal in most cases, works together with Dutch banks.

Most people who live in the Netherlands have a Dutch bank account and can therefore simply use iDeal as a payment method at an online casino iDeal.

Another disadvantage is that when you make a payment via iDeal, it is impossible to reverse. The money is immediately debited from your bank account. It is therefore important that you pay attention to this. On the positive side, when you make a payment via iDeal, your money is immediately available to bet. So you don't have to wait long before you can take a gamble at an online casino iDeal.

How To Create An iDeal Casino Account?

Step 1; Create an account

Before you start gambling at one of our tested iDeal casinos with real money, you will have to log in to the account. Registration is straightforward. You simply have to fill in the following information;

  • Name (first and last name)
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address

Once you have entered this information, you will still have to confirm your e-mail address or telephone number with a code at some iDeal casinos.

Step 2; Deposit money into your account

Once you have created your account, you can deposit money into your account with iDeal as a payment method. Because iDeal is fully integrated with the banking system, you do not need to create a separate account with a third party.

For your first deposit, click on “Deposit” in the menu of the online casino iDeal. Sometimes the “Deposit” option is hidden under “Cashier.” So pay attention to this when you want to make your first deposit.

Then you choose “iDeal” as the payment method to deposit money with iDeal. In some cases, the iDeal casino does not immediately have the option to select iDeal; if so, it is necessary to choose “Online Banking” or “Instant Banking.”

When you arrive at the deposit option, enter an amount. Then click on “Deposit” or “Next.”

All you have to do now is verify your deposit. This can be done in several ways;

  1. Verification via SMS, or a TAN code,
  2. Verification via an app from your bank,
  3. Verification via a reader.

Step 3; Deposit your Profit into your bank account

You made a profit, well done! How do you make the withdrawal?

First of all, at the online casino iDeal, go to “Cashier” and then select “Withdraw.” You will then see several options; choose “iDeal” here.

When you deposit money, you may still be asked for your login details to verify your online iDeal casino account, enter this. Confirm the payout, and your winnings will be deposited into your account between one and five business days. In general, you do not have to provide any bank details because the money is deposited into the account number you initially made a deposit at the iDeal Casino.

iDeal or Trustly for Online casino?

Just like iDeal, Trustly is a payment option that allows you to deposit money at an online casino through your own bank. Trustly is a Swedish company founded in 2008 and is now a popular payment method among gamers.

Both payment options offer fast and secure transactions; no bank details are provided. There are also no transaction costs associated with depositing or withdrawing money. It is also not necessary to create an account with a third party for both payment methods. Read more about online casinos with Trustly.

What are the Differences between iDeal and Trustly?

First of all, the difference in the demographic area. Where iDeal mainly works with Dutch banks and Trustly is now located in 29 European countries, this is a big difference. But iDeal is best known and trusted in the Dutch market, and rightly so. iDeal has proven itself as a reliable payment method.

Second, both companies are very innovative and constantly evolving. Both companies offer the option to pay via a QR code. But iDeal now has a payment button on various online casino sites and online casinos where you do not have to create an account.

Casino Online iDeal – Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use iDeal?

iDeal is a fast, free, easy and secure payment option.

Is iDeal accepted in every online casino?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to play via iDeal at all casinos.

Is iDeal a secure payment option?

Yes! iDeal is one of the most secure payment options. When you make an iDeal payment, your bank details are not shared with the online casino iDeal where you play.

What are the benefits of using iDeal?

Payments via iDeal are fast, easy, free of charge and also safe and reliable. And besides that, you don't need a credit card, Skrill or Neteller.

What are the best iDeal casinos?

iDeal can be used as a payment method at many online casinos, but on this page, you will find the best online casinos that use iDeal. Also, with the best casino bonuses.

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