Do You Need ID to Get Into A Casino? And When If So?

do you need I do get into a casino?

So you’re on your way to the casino and forgot to bring a valid ID. A member of their staff is asking for your documents and you’ve got nothing to show. What now?

Fun fact: You are not legally obliged to present any identification when entering a land-based casino.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about what you need in order to get into a casino, why they might check your ID and how you can avoid it. We’ll also tell you about the one and only exception when you actually need ID at the casino.

How to Get into a Casino Without ID?

As stated, the casino staff do not have to ask for your ID at the entrance. The best thing to do if you forgot your ID is to play it cool and simply keep walking. The gaming laws don’t give the casinos legal rights to your identification. The biggest reason why a casino asks for ID is in fact to make sure you’re not a cheater or AP (advantage player).

How Do Casinos Check ID and What Do You Need To Get Into A Casino?

If you however end up in a situation where you need to validate your identification, there are a few ways to do so.

You will need to show one of below mentioned valid government-issued IDs:

  • Passport
  • Drivers License
  • State ID
  • Identification Card

Be aware that the documentation cannot be expired or significantly damaged.

When Do I need To Show my ID At The Casino?

There is only one exception when you actually need to show your ID at the casino, and that’s when you win the jackpot. The establishment is forced to obtain your ID by the government for potential tax reasons.

You do have the option to refuse, but this will most likely result in the casino not paying you the won jackpot. The rules are slightly different when you play online and why you need to verify your casino account.

when you need to show ID at the casino

Age to Get Into Casino

In order to be able to walk into the casino and gamble, you need to be at a certain age. Each jurisdiction in the world is free to set its own legal limit. So, what are the limits then?

  • USA: 18-21 depending on the state – (full resource)
  • Portugal: 21
  • UK: 18
  • Australia: 18
  • Macau: 18
  • Sweden: 18
  • Norway: 18
  • Germany: 18
  • Finland: 18
  • Holland: 18
  • Denmark: 16
  • Estonia 16
  • Poland: 18
  • Malta: Maltese citizen: 25, Non Maltese: 18

Can I Use a Fake ID at the Casino?

Using a fake ID at the casino is never recommended. If you manage to get into a casino with a fake ID and get caught, you risk legal charges and forfeit your winnings.

What Are the Verification Requirements Online?

When gambling online, you will need to send some sort of identification sooner or later unless you play at no verification online casinos. The reason behind this is that online casinos risk losing their license if they fail to prove that they’ve taken appropriate KYC on each player.

But there are exceptions, you can read more about them in our guide to an online casino without verification.

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